“It’s not affection. It’s a trick. I keep bacon in my pocket. See?”

fortune cookie

It’s been a while. How have you been? What did you do last weekend?


The fams and I made a trip out to Ikea for that free cup of coffee and a horrible comforter I seriously regret buying. We also have been struggling to decorate for Halloween because I’m just not as creative as I think that I am.


Our yearly tradition is to pick up pumpkins from a local farm down the road a couple weeks before Halloween and carve them the week of. The temperatures finally dipped below the 90’s the day before our excursion and the sky was perfectly overcast.It was a little bit crowded for my taste, but I endured and through the power of my great personal space sacrifice, the powers that be sought to reward me. Whilst pumpkin-picking & hay bale jumping I came across the most curious of creatures.


He may look like your average goat, but he was much too social and inquisitive to be named as such (nobody puts baby in a box). He wagged his tiny tail, bleated his tiny bleats and commanded attention from those around him. Many gathered around his blue fortress, with their childish shouts and whistles, all craving recognition from this magnificent beast.


And he rejected them all. He could spare nary a bleat or wag for any of them – not even a glance. He only had eyes for me. I carry cookies in my purse.


In unrelated news: I want a goat.


Is there anything this majesty of creatures cannot teach us?!?!

Happy Monday!


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