Fallout 4, a love letter of sorts

It’s not often someone can make me feel bad. I think guilt and shame are just not emotions I am quick to process. I am okay with this. Until I scroll through texts and see one like this.


Because that’s when I realize I did not call or text any of my family on Thanksgiving. Not only that, but scrolling up I saw that the last thing I texted was on November 14, and all I said was “Lol” when she was asking what to send her grandson for Christmas.

But Mom, while I do agree I probably should not be your favorite daughter right now (because let’s face it, I usually am), I have the most valid of excuses. I’ve been on a journey, you see….a journey that has allowed me to live beyond my mortal self and experience true wonders that a humble girl such as myself would not dare to even imagine.

I’ve been hanging with friends. Which is completely different from real life because a) I don’t have any friends that don’t live  inside the computer & b) these friends do exactly what I say and never annoy me.


I have been a witness to the most glorious and satisfying head shots to ever grace this earth since the history of video games.

hs 001

Boom Headshot!!

hs 005

Booom Headshotttt!!!

hs 006

Boooooom Headshooooooootttttt!!!!

hs 004


hs 007

And Mom, I’ve even found love while wandering the Commonwealth. To quote the great philosopher Miss Spears, “He’s a bad boy with a tainted heart, and even I know this ain’t smart.”

lover 001

lover 002

In conclusion, this game has invaded my soul and eaten away at more hours than I care to admit.

I regret nothing…..




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