sundays are for thangs…

such as: bath bomb making windowsill painting   husbands taking you to breakfast for dinner   reading the obituaries to your favorite girl in the world. hope your weekend was great. goodnight. 🙂


Saddle Up Salisbury Steak [recipe]

I'm back in the Fallout 4 saddle again! But this time completely getting my ass kicked in survival mode. I almost forgot how challenging and fun this was when I played New Vegas, but I definitely am reliving some hair pulling moments. Honestly, I will sink too many hours into this game and make no … Continue reading Saddle Up Salisbury Steak 

Camp Pendleton/San Onofre Cottages

Before planning our vacation, I couldn't find any first hand information of peoples' experiences, so here's ours. From the start, it was confusing gaining access to the actual cottage site.The GPS directed us to the San Onofre exit that is open to the public, but you cannot access the military grounds via this route, its … Continue reading Camp Pendleton/San Onofre Cottages