The Foods of My People

“By the Goddess…” ONE WEEK, GUYS!


I’ve been waiting for this game for so long, it feels a little surreal that it’s just around the corner. Though, the anticipation is laced with a small amount of trepidation after playing through Dragon Age : Inquisition and despising it so. It was actually after my first [and only] play through I told my husband, “FFS don’t ever let me buy a game on release day ever again! I will wait till game of the year + super sale and pick it up for $13”. BUT I have hope for this game. I think this will be the game that proves BioWare has a soul and is not just after our money. This will be the game that will make us forget the weak ending of it’s predecessor (though that ending did nothing to tarnish the love I feel for the trilogy as a whole). This game will help us grow our hair longer, shrink our waists smaller and strengthen the ozone layer.

See, Mass Effect has been quite the companion for me over the years. It’s seen me through the terrible twos, month long separations and my first time moving [halfway across the world] away from my hometown. It’s been there to help me cope, lift me up and challenge my sniper skills. I know I sound weird, but ladies, this is how I feel whenever you droll on about celebrity love lives’ in the Orthodontist’s office, so you can get stuffed.  And whenever someone asks me “What is your secret to having a happy & successful marriage?” [Disclaimer : no one has ever or would ever ask me that]. My 100% honest answer to them would be :

Kaidan Alenko.


Remember when I told you I moved halfway across the world? Well, that was when my husband took me to a rock in the middle of the ocean and PEACED OUT on me for months at a time. At first…I was afraid, I was petrified….thought that I could never live through the summers of endless bugs and habu snakes living under the garbage can. But then I got over it.

“Darlin’, I know we just got here, but I have to deploy for six months”

Okay dear.


“I got picked up for a TDY to Singapore.”

Yeah yeah.


“After Singapore, I’m doing a 4 month follow to Alaska”

Who are you again?


See, I refrained from seeing Kaidan when my husband was home out of respect, lest he grow insecure with this new bride. But 10 years into this thing and he pretty much doesn’t care what I get into these days. 🙂 In honor of Mass Effect : Andromeda touching down in one week, here is one of my most delicious recipes inspired by one of my favorite men.


Of course it consists mainly of beef, bacon & beer. For the beer I chose La Fin du Monde since Kaidan is from Canada. But its “white, creamy, generous head” was another factor.


Staying in the Canadian theme, I used some Montreal Seasoning, but if that’s too spicy for your taste, you can do whatever you like. A surprising addition would be the raisins. Don’t shy away from this though, they really soak up the honey taste in the beer and add a plump & juicy texture to every bite.

The Foods of My People – serves 2 with spectre sized appetites

  • Mushrooms, 4 oz (about 5 large), diced
  • Montreal seasoning, 1/2 Tablespoon
  • Raisins, 2 Tablespoons
  • Red Bell Pepper, 2 oz, diced
  • Bacon, 3.7 oz (about 2 thick cut pieces), diced
  • Sirloin Steaks, 8oz portions
  • La Fin du Monde – 7 oz
  • Butter – 2 teaspoons (optional)
  • Salt & Pepper

Season the steaks on both sides with salt and pepper and set aside. Do not be tempted to coat with the Montreal seasoning because when you sear the steak it will burn. In a cold pan, add the bacon and cook until all fat is rendered.

alenko steak 004

This takes about 17 minutes…

alenko steak 003

See those brown bits? You want those, so it would behoove you to use a stainless steel pan or something of the sort (nothing non stick).

alenko steak 002

Set bacon aside, leaving fat in the pan.

alenko steak 013

Increase heat to high and sear steaks, 4 minutes each side.

alenko steak 012

Now stand back and add your beer, and cook for one minute more.

alenko steak 001

alenko steak 011

Remove steaks from pan and tent with foil. Over medium high heat, add : bell peppers, mushrooms and Montreal seasoning. Cook 3 minutes.

alenko steak 010

alenko steak 009

alenko steak 008

Add raisins and cook 2 minutes more.

alenko steak 007

Turn off heat and stir in reserved bacon. Finish with butter (if you want) to add a silky texture.

alenko steak 024


alenko steak 022

alenko steak 023

Kaidan would probably eat this alone, because well…he did 5 rounds of Body Beast while you were incarcerated by the Alliance.


But for you, he’s included some mash and spicy green beans.

alenko steak 019

alenko steak 018

alenko steak 021

And by the by, if you adhere to these cooking times, it will come out just like this. So if medium rare isn’t your thing, adjust your time according to your taste.

alenko steak 015

alenko steak 017

Go forth and make this, people!

Make it for the good times.


Make it for the bad times.


The reunited and it feels so good times!


Or the times where you feel the black is such a lonely place, and yet you found the one kindred spirit who can speak to your soul.


I hope you love it as much as he loves you.



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