Camp Pendleton/San Onofre Cottages

Before planning our vacation, I couldn't find any first hand information of peoples' experiences, so here's ours. From the start, it was confusing gaining access to the actual cottage site.The GPS directed us to the San Onofre exit that is open to the public, but you cannot access the military grounds via this route, its … Continue reading Camp Pendleton/San Onofre Cottages


I’m not dead, petting zoos and dads

Ever since I was a little girl I've had this fascination with the Old American West. I blame my father. Whether it was his vast collection of Louis L'amour books cluttering his massive bookshelves or the times after school we would binge watch classic Clint Eastwood movies or Tombstone (Doc Holiday is every woman's fantasy, … Continue reading I’m not dead, petting zoos and dads